Special eyebrow care is a loud beauty trend in recent years on the verge of a boom. It-girls showcase the fabulous beauty of perfect eyebrows in the Instagram feed, and we have launched an online training in the direction of an eyebrow master.
You can master a new profession or improve your qualifications in the usual rhythm of life, without prejudice to your studies or your main place of work. Online training in eyebrow design and makeup is the most comfortable and budgetary way to become a professional master with the status of a graduate of the NIKK MOLE School and a student of Mila Klimenko.
During the courses, you will be taught to understand the shape of the face and the shapes of the eyebrows that are suitable for them, to carry out the correction and design, coloring and lamination of eyebrows, to work with various tools, care products and types of paints, to lighten the eyebrows, to draw sketches of individual shapes.

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