EKKOBEAUTY Eyebrow Henna Graphite

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EKKOBEAUTY Eyebrow Henna Graphite


EKKOBEAUTY Eyebrow Henna Graphite

The universal Brow henna shade Graphite (light gray) is designed for fair-haired girls.

Cold gray color in the palette from light ash to pronounced graphite. Designed for light blond girls and cold blond. It also gives a very delicate dyeing result and is designed to create a natural effect.

Along with the Light Brown tone, henna Graphite is used only when the powder is diluted to thick consistencies of sauce or sour cream. In more liquid states, the dye mixture of these henna colors does not have a pronounced effect on the skin and eyebrow hairs. Graphite is a ready-made solution for the successful dyeing of the eyebrows of girls of the northern type of appearance.

Cold gray color in the palette from light ash to pronounced graphite. Designed for light blond girls and cold blond.

In a state of:

– Milk – stains the hairs gray;

– Sauce – delicate coloring of the skin in a light gray shade;

– Sour cream – rich gray color of skin and hairs.

A real gift from Morocco for perfect eyebrows for a long time!

Moroccan dye henna has a unique composition that has many advantages:

  • lasting result;
  • an instant effect of well-groomed eyebrows, beautiful by nature;
  • nutrition and protection of each hair;
  • stimulating the growth of new hair along the dyeing contour (over time – a natural clear eyebrow line);
  • hypoallergenic and health safety;
  • harmless to the environment, including the atmosphere.

Makeup artists say that eyebrows shape the face. This is true, because even in the absence of makeup, a face with well-defined, graphic eyebrows will look expressive and fresh. Rarely does a woman not want to take advantage of such a winning chance to always remain attractive. Moreover, salon coloring with henna guarantees the effect up to several weeks.

Why is it worth choosing EKKOBEAUTY eyebrow henna for these purposes?

  1. The raw materials for the production of the dyeing mixture are collected in the very heart of Morocco, where the ecology has not yet suffered from the influence of man-made factors. Unlike the popular Indian raw materials that grow in industrialized regions, Moroccan natural henna has only benefits and beneficial effects on health.
  2. A noble blend in the composition of each tone allows you to achieve excellent shades with any initial eyebrow color. With EkkoBeauty it has become easier for the master to select the right color for the client – thanks to the exclusive composition, the shade lays down evenly and clearly falls into the planned tone.
  3. Having made the decision to buy henna for eyebrows from EKKOBEAUTY, you can be sure that you are not only preserving the ecology of your region, but also directly participating in solving the problems of protecting wildlife. A percentage of the cost of each package goes to WWF. By investing in the success of your business, you are investing in a secure future for the planet.

EKKOBEAUTY henna eyebrow dyeing – offer your customers only the best!

For convenience and correct use, the product is accompanied by instructions.



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