Eyeshadow brush (squirrel) №8

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A classic flat brush with a smooth, rounded bristle contour for applying shadows. It differs from brush № 4 in its large size.

Intended for:

  • applying shadows – matte and shining;
  • accent application;
  • shading.

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Eyeshadow brush (squirrel) №8

Classic flat eye shadow brush from the Imperial Nikk Mole collection. Larger than brush №4.

Natural squirrel pile has a smooth rounded contour. Flexible and delicate, it is perfect for smoky eye makeup. It is convenient to use a brush to make beautiful “stretch marks” and shade transitions from light to saturated. In addition, it is easy to clean, easy to clean, but requires delicate handling – it does not like aggressive textures.

Purpose: applying shadows – matte and shining; accent application; shading.


  • pile

The valuable pile from the upper part of the tail of the highest grade A squirrel. Plastic and flexible. Unshorn, hand-assembled by a Japanese craftsman using traditional technology. One of the softest natural piles.

  • fixing the pile

Hand glued with a non-toxic adhesive for unrivaled durability, even with heavy use. The metal bracket is made of an alloy that is immune to constant contact with water and detergents.

  • handle

Natural wood. Ergonomic shape. 5 coats of paint, which are applied alternately within 2 months for a stable finish. The weight is balanced in relation to the weight of the pile and metal brace.

  • design

Spectacular, fashionable. A rich scarlet color with a slight gloss blends wonderfully with gold accents and signature engraving.

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