Blue Squirrel Brush №47

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Natural blue squirrel bristle brush.

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Blue Squirrel Brush №47

Golden Black Blue Squirrel Round Eyeshadow Brush from Nikk Mole.

The brush is indispensable if you want to achieve perfection in the area of shading. The very soft, flexible and silky hairs of the fur allow you to pick up the optimal amount of eyeshadow or other dry cosmetic. Thanks to this, application with brush № 47 is super thin and transparent, with a watercolor effect. At the same time, the brush perfectly applies the eyeshadow pigment, helping to create flawless makeup with smooth lines.

The build quality and materials guarantee a long service life. The acrylic handle does not fade and is resistant to damage. Natural fur is more “vulnerable”, but with proper handling (contact only with dry structures, proper cleaning), it also retains its properties for a long time.

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