Salt solution for degreasing eyelashes and eyebrows

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Saline solution for degreasing eyelashes and eyebrows (degreaser) is intended for cleansing and degreasing hairs and skin before dyeing eyebrows. Since oily substances remain on the upper eyelid and eyelashes after applying the usual makeup remover, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the area around the eyes from natural fat and microdust. In this way, you ensure optimal adhesion of the eyelashes to the dye or perm.

Whether coloring is done at the salon or at home, using a degreaser prolongs the color’s durability and prepares the hairs for pigmentation.

How to use: Apply the product on a cotton pad, and then transfer to the skin.

Volume: 200 ml

In addition to saline solution, you can also purchase: Glass cup .


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