Means for lamination of eyebrows and eyelashes “Amino Fix Boost”

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Means for lamination of eyebrows and eyelashes “Amino Fix Boost”

The unique development of MEETEORA BG: the first procedure of lamination\long-term styling of eyebrows and eyelashes with the use of “Amino Puzzle” technology, which allows you to preserve the structure of the hair during the step-by-step lamination procedure**, while reducing the time of the products***.

The reaction is based on the “Puzzle” principle:

  • At the first stage “lift”, thanks to the amino acid arginine, which is part of the composition, there is a decrease in the negative impact on the structure of the hair* without losing the power of restructuring disulfide bonds.
  • At the second stage of “fix”, thanks to a special amino sugar – chitosan, the action of the second product not only neutralizes and completes the action of the first composition, but also reconstructs and fixes the newly formed bonds. The time spent on the lamination procedure is reduced by 10%.

Important: the maximum effect of preserving the structure of the hairs at the time of lamination can be guaranteed only when using 1 and 2 composition exclusively TM Lovely Brows.


*Reduction of aggressive ability by 10% compared to analogues on the market.

**Strength increase of at least 7% compared to analogues on the market.

***compared to the time spent on the DC procedure with analogues on the market.

For professional use only!

Method of application:


Apply the composition after the first stage of lamination. Leave for 5-10 minutes depending on the condition and type of hairs. Periodically check the condition of the hairs during the entire time of application! After the time has expired, carefully remove the remnants of the product with a cotton pad moistened with water. For detailed information, see the instructions for use.

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