NIKK MOLE presents its new development for eyebrow shaping – Brow Paste. It contains natural oils and organic products. The paste helps to shape the beautiful shape of the eyebrows during coloring. Due to its plasticity, it allows the master to quickly create a clear eyebrow contour. Brow Paste also protects the skin around the eyebrows from the effects of coloring pigments, cares for it, saturating it with useful trace elements of natural oils. A large jar of paste (15g) with daily use is enough for a year. The paste has a delicate translucent consistency and a pleasant smell.
Usage technology:

Before applying the paste, treat eyebrows and adjacent skin areas with a cleansing and degreasing agent.

The eyebrow paste is completely ready to use, it does not need to be diluted with additional products.

The eyebrow paste is applied with a flat synthetic brush with elastic bristles.

The layer of paste on the skin should be minimal – thin, but dense and opaque. An overly thick coat makes it difficult to apply dye effectively.

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