Nikk Mole Eyebrow and Eyelash Eyebrow with Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid is designed for professionals who strive for excellence.
Natural wide eyebrows are now in vogue and they require careful personal care. After all, it is not enough to create a beautiful shape of eyebrows with tweezers, it is necessary to make them more expressive. Nikk Mole eyebrow dye works well with this, the shade of which is selected depending on the color of the hair and skin.
Light brown or graphite is ideal for blondes, and brown or black for brunettes. For coloring, it is diluted with an oxidant. OXIDANT 3% – thick, creamy and very soft, the consistency of the oxidant is very similar to the dye, which allows the oxidant and dye to be mixed very easily. The effect of eyebrow dyeing lasts for 3-4 weeks.
With the help of dye, you can easily emphasize the natural tone of the eyebrows, focus on the look and even radically transform the appearance. And the main thing is to significantly save time on morning makeup.
Nikk Mole Eyebrow and Eyelash Dye is the secret to perfect expression.
The line includes 5 basic shades:
LIGHT BROWN (warm shade of Latte coffee) does not darken the hair darker than light brown;
GRAPHITE (cold soft gray shade with hints of brown) dyes the hair in the color of graphite;
BROWN (warm rich chocolate shade, ideal for warm brunettes) dyes the hair brown;
DARK BROWN (cold saturated color “Coffee”) densely dyes the skin and hair in dark brown;
BLUE BLACK (rich deep black with hints of blue, ideal for coloring eyelashes and mixing with other eyebrow shades).

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