Wooden microbrushes (100 pcs/pack)

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Wooden microbrushes with a cotton tip (100 pcs/pack)

White color. Material – wood. There are 100 pieces in a bag.
Microbrushes (microapplicators) are a convenient tool used for applying eyelash extensions and lamination, applying semi-permanent mascara, and also indispensable in the work of a tattoo artist when applying a sketch.
The soft cotton tip will gently and effectively remove excess dyes, special compounds and decorative products that accidentally come into contact with exposed skin, ensuring the accuracy of any process. An absolutely safe and environmentally friendly tool that does not react with chemical elements and does not harm the environment.

Features of disposable microbrushes:

  • with their help it is convenient to separate each hair
  • do not leave their lint on the hairs
  • speed up the correction process

They are used together with products for removing or laminating eyelashes: degreasing agents, debonders and other products.
Each brush is used once. Such microapplicators are made from natural materials that do not cause an allergic reaction and prevent infection.


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