Eyebrow care is the trend of the 21st century.
We can go outside without makeup at all, but the eyebrows should be fine anyway. They transform our face, make our look more expressive.
Brow Henna Ekko Beauty and Nikk Mole color are professional eyebrow care.
Ekko Beauty eyebrow henna is available in 8 colors that allow you to work with a huge palette of shades. You can get the final eyebrow tone by mixing shades with each other, as well as varying the thickness of the dilution and the exposure time. Moroccan henna is a very “predictable” product, which is especially beneficial in the initial stages of working with it.
Nikk Mole Eyebrow Dye is made for professionals who strive for excellence. The innovative formula of the paint with keratin and hyaluronic acid is designed not only for coloring, but also for eyebrow care. Thanks to this, the harmful effect is completely eliminated, the skin and eyebrow hairs look healthy and well-groomed.

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