Mousse shampoo for eyebrows, eyelashes and face NIKK MOLE

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Mousse shampoo for eyebrows, eyelashes and face NIKK MOLE

Light air shampoo is created for delicate and effective cleansing of the face skin.
Specially selected active ingredients help to restore the balance of the skin barrier:

  • 100% essential oil of Rosemary (tones the skin, evens out its color);
  • Bergamot (cleanses and tightens pores);
  • Ylang – Ylang (soothes and activates cell regeneration processes);
  • Natural betaine has a calming effect;
  • Provitamin B protects and promotes skin cell regeneration.

Gentle shampoo gently cleanses eyebrows and eyelashes, degreases skin and hairs. Due to the effect of light peeling, the shampoo gently removes keratinized skin particles, contributing to better fixation of coloring on the skin. The composition includes rosemary and chamomile hydrolyte, which not only cleanse and moisturize the skin, but also strengthen the bulbs of eyebrow hairs and eyelashes, fill them with strength and give them a healthy shine. The shampoo does not dry the skin. Perfect for daily home care and professional use.



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