GLOSSY GOLD Eyebrow scrub

Скраб для бровей Glossy Gold, Кроме бережного очищения, он предназначен для стимулирования роста новых волосков бровей, а также для предотвращения появления вросших волос. Его роскошные ухаживающие свойства превращают процедуру эксфолиации в сеанс экспресс-терапии для области бровей.

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GLOSSY GOLD Eyebrow Scrub

delicate peeling and precious care

Unique multi-component formula with natural ingredients at the base significantly distinguishes Glossy Gold eyebrow scrub from other similar standard cosmetics.

In addition to thorough cleansing eyebrow scrub GLOSSY GOLD  designed to stimulate the growth of new eyebrow hairs, as well as to prevent ingrown hairs. Its luxurious skin and eyebrow care properties turn an exfoliation procedure into an express eyebrow therapy session.

The scrub of the Glossy Gold collection contains natural abrasives and auxiliary active substances of natural origin, which is very typical for SPA-care products.

  • Crystals of sea salt and sugar in a duet with ground coffee provide effective removal of stratum corneum epithelium, smoothing the skin and increasing its susceptibility to the action of coloring pigments when coloring eyebrows. Light warming effect from mechanical friction enhances honey. As a result of blood flow and improved oxygen exchange processes in the deep layers of the skin, dormant hair follicles wake up, and the natural line of the eyebrows over time becomes much more pronounced and clear.

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