Pink brow paste Nikk Mole, 15g

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Perfect shape guaranteed with Brow Paste

Nikk Mole offers to master a convenient eyebrow modeling technology that guarantees the achievement of an impeccable shape and a clear contour, regardless of the experience of the eyebrow master. For novice craftsmen, this is an opportunity to avoid mistakes when building a form, for professionals it is a chance to save time and effort during the dyeing procedure.

Eyebrow modeling and correction technique

The process of creating the optimal form for each browmaker is a rather individual issue. You can focus on your professional skills and work with your favorite and proven products. You will not have to change your ideas about the basics of architecture and colours.

But the process of applying the dye will take place in a different way – easier and faster, and you, as a craftsman, will feel more confident.

Brow paste for modeling is used as follows:

  1. Preparation of skin and hairs for dyeing with the help of cleaning and scrubbing agents. However, this stage is also mandatory for normal dyeing procedures.
  2. Construction of the desired shape of eyebrows according to the method that is most convenient for you.
  3. Applying the paste with a Nikk Mole brush №17 or №20 along the contour of the planned shape. At the same time, the eyebrow itself and the adjacent areas of the skin, which are also supposed to be coloured, remain inside.
  4. Final coordination of the form with the client. Brow paste contrasts well with the skin, clearly highlighting all lines and curves. If necessary, you can adjust something – at this stage it is possible, because the pigmentation has not yet started.
  5. Work with the colouring composition. Dye or henna can be applied with wide, confident strokes – Brow paste reliably protects the skin.
  6. Excess dye, which was layered on top of the paste, can be easily removed with a cotton swab. As a result, you always get the contour that you created in step №3.
  7. Removal of dye and paste residues.

All ingredients are specially selected to obtain a fairly dense texture, which is well applied, does not smear and is easily removed.


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