Point eyebrow tweezers (pink)

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Eyebrow tweezers Nikk Mole sharp (point).

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Sharp tweezers are also called pinpoint tweezers, as they allow you to grasp and remove individual, hard-to-reach, thick hairs or “stumps”.

The tweezers are made of stainless medical steel, which is perfectly disinfected. It also guarantees the durability of the tool and its resistance to deformation.

The tips of the tweezers are sharpened in a special way – they are not sharp and do not injure the delicate skin around the eyebrows. Hair removal is painless through gentle pressure.

Sharpening – only diamond, as the most effective and durable. The pink coating is heat-resistant or autoclave-resistant.

Nikk Mole’s eyebrow tweezers already include a special plastic tip for storage. Sharpening is an indicator of the quality of tweezers, therefore we release the tool only in a complete set to ensure that its basic properties are preserved.


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