Fan Fox Makeup Brush

270грн. 243грн.

Natural brown fox bristle brush to complete the perfect make-up.


Nikk Mole Fan makeup brush (fox)

The make-up brush made of natural brown fox bristles in the shape of a fan from the Golden Black collection is an exclusive tool from the team of the NIKK MOLE brand.

The brush is used at the finishing stage of make-up or other cosmetic processes to remove the remains of powder, eyeshadow, etc. or hairs after eyebrow correction.

Features of the Nikk Mole fan brush:

  • Pile.

Natural delicate pile of the highest quality (class A) from brown fox fur. At the base, the pile is reinforced with special glue, which guarantees a long service life. Withstands frequent washing and cleaning.

  • A handle.

Made of first-class acrylic, which is resistant to mechanical abrasion and to cosmetic and chemical agents. Does not fade, retaining the bright appearance of the brush. A balance is maintained between the pile with a metal bracket and a handle. A distinctive mark of all NIKK MOLE brushes is a vintage engraving.

You can buy a fan-made makeup brush made from natural fox pile in our online store or in a showroom in Kiev at the address: st. Konstantinovskaya, 8, office 4.


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