Set of dyes for eyebrows and eyelashes + Oxidant, Brown (25 sachets)

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Set of dyes for eyebrows and eyelashes in brown and Oxidant 3%

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Set of paints in sachet for eyebrows and eyelashes, brown color and oxidizing agent 3% ( 25 sachets each)

Professional paint Nikk Mole brown with keratin and hyaluronic acid has an innovative product formula designed not only for painting, but also for caring for eyebrows and eyelashes. Thanks to it, the harmful effects of paint on the skin and hairs of eyebrows or eyelashes are completely eliminated.

The dye has a warm brown color. Suitable for dyeing the eyebrows of brunettes and owners of dark blond hair who like warm brown colors.

Depending on the duration of coloring, you can get different shades: 5 minutes after application, the hairs and skin acquire the color of milk chocolate, after 10-15 minutes – a brighter, brown color of dark chocolate.

Suitable both for use in pure form and for mixing with other shades. Adds richness and warmth.

The technique for painting eyelashes and eyebrows and how to apply the paint can be found in the instructions that come with the product or on the website.


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