Eyebrow and eyelash dye Nikk Mole Taupe, sachet

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Professional dye Nikk Mole for eyebrows and eyelashes


Eyebrow dye NIKK MOLE tone Gray-brown sachet (5ml) and cream oxidizer 3% in sachet (5ml)

Nikk Mole Eyebrow and Eyelash Eyebrow with Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid is designed for professionals who strive for excellence. The innovative formula of the product is designed not only for coloring, but also for eyebrow care. Thanks to this, the harmful effect of the dye on the skin and eyebrow hairs is completely excluded.

The result of tinting eyebrows with Nikk Mole dye is always a uniform color on one side and a rich color on the other. Moreover, depending on the duration of staining, its intensity depends. If you want a light, delicate shade, apply the dye for 5 minutes. If you need to get the effect of tattooing – for 10-15 minutes. Nikk Mole eyebrow dye does not change color during the dyeing process, so you are guaranteed to get exactly the shade you have chosen.

Brow masters who use Nikk Mole dye in their work are obsessed with its plastic consistency. It makes it easy to work with contours and create clear graphic lines.

Mode of application:

Eyebrow dyeing.

1. Prepare the skin for dyeing (cleanse the skin).

  • First, we recommend cleansing your skin with floral water or Nikk Mole eyebrow lotion.
  • Secondly, for the best cleansing of the skin, additionally use Nikk Mole eyebrow scrub.
  • Third, sketch out your eyebrow shape with Brow Paste Nikk Mole.

2. Mix the dye with an oxidant in a 1:1 ratio.

  • We recommend using 1 cm of paint and an equal proportion of oxidant.
  • Mix the oxidant with the dye thoroughly until smooth.
  • Mix in a non-metallic container.

3. Next, apply the mixture strictly according to the desired form of coloring, without going beyond the boundaries of the form. Use a nylon brush to dye.

  • The numbered 16 Nikk Mole brush is ideal for applying dye.

4. The exposure time is 5 – 15 minutes and depends on the desired result.

  • 5 minutes – delicate dyeing.
  • 10 minutes – medium density dyeing with a tattoo effect.
  • 15 minutes – dense dyeing of the skin with the most intense shade.

When dyeing eyebrows, the exposure time is counted from the start of application.

5. Wash off the dye with a cotton pad moistened with water.

  • The dye is washed off with ordinary water.
  • If it is necessary to accelerate the development of the correct shade on the skin, lightly rub the skin in the area of the eyebrows with floral water or Nikk Mole lotion.

6. Perform eyebrow shaping.
7. To prolong the durability of coloring on the skin, we do not recommend using makeup removers; moreover, avoid using cosmetics in the eyebrow area.

Eyelash dyeing

1. Clean your eyelashes (perform makeup remover if necessary).

  • To cleanse your eyelashes, use Nikk Mole flower water or Nikk Mole eyebrow lotion.

2. Use Nikk Mole Patches to protect the eye area from staining.

  • Place the patches under the lower lashes as close to the lash line as possible.

3. Mix the paint with an oxidant in a 1:1 ratio.

  • We recommend using 1 cm of paint and an equal proportion of oxidant.
  • Mix the oxidant with the dye thoroughly until smooth.
  • Mix in a non-metallic container.

4. Quickly and gently apply the mixture to the lashes, only on the hairs, do not apply the mixture to the skin around the eyes.

5. Soak the dye on the eyelashes for 10 minutes.

Dyeing must be done with eyes closed.

6. After the dyeing time has elapsed, carefully remove the dye from the eyelashes with a damp cotton pad moistened with water, and rinse thoroughly with water. Meanwhile, do not open your eyes until the dye is completely removed from the eyelashes.


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