Brow Paste Mini

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Nikk Mole Brow Paste Mini is much more than just perfect brows:

  • pleasant sensations from the effects of natural oils on the skin;
  • express care for eyebrows;
  • modern effective methods of work using natural cosmetics;
  • favorable price-quality ratio.

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Nikk Mole introduces Brow Paste, a new eyebrow shaping technology that guarantees a flawless shape and definition, regardless of the brow master`s work experience. For novice masters, this is an opportunity to avoid mistakes when constructing a form, for professionals – a chance to save time and effort during the staining procedure.

With Nikk Mole Brow Paste, you can offer your clients much more than just perfect eyebrows!

  • pleasant sensations from the effects of natural oils on the skin;
  • express care for eyebrows;
  • modern effective methods of work with the use of environmentally friendly cosmetics;
  • favorable price-quality ratio.

Eyebrow modeling and shaping technique

The process of creating the optimal shape for each bromaker is a very individual question. You can focus on your professional habits and skills, work with your favorite and proven products. You don’t have to change your understanding of the basics of architecture and color.

But the process of applying the coloring agent will happen in a different way – easier and faster, and you, as a master, will feel more confident.

Brow paste is applied as follows:

  1. Preparing skin and hairs for dyeing using cleansers and scrubbers. However, this step is also required for normal dyeing procedures.
  2. Constructing the desired shape of the eyebrows using the technique that is most convenient for you.
  3. Application of the paste with a brush along the contour of the planned shape. In this case, the eyebrow itself and the adjacent areas of the skin, which are also supposed to be dyed, remain inside.
  4. Final coordination of the form with the client. Since brow paste is white, it contrasts well with the skin, clearly highlighting all the lines and curves. If necessary, you can correct something – at this stage it is possible, because the pigmentation has not yet begun.
  5. Working with the coloring composition. Dye or henna can be applied with wide, confident strokes – the eyebrow paste reliably protects the skin. Excess dye, which is layered on top of the paste, can be easily removed with a cotton swab. As a result, you always get the contour that you created in step № 3.
  6. Removing the coloring agent and paste.

Composition and caring properties
The composition characterizes any cosmetic product better than the most active advertising and the most sincere reviews. Taking a look at the ingredients, even a non-professional will determine whether the product is beneficial or harmful to the body. Natural ingredients are valued most in cosmetics and speak of their exceptional quality.

If naturalness in the composition is combined with high efficiency in use, then the novelty quickly becomes a real hit. So it happened with a new product in the line of professional products from Nikk Mole.

All ingredients are specially selected to obtain a dense enough texture that applies well, does not smudge and is easy to remove.

You can buy Brow Paste through placing an order in our online store, where all basic options are available to the buyer: delivery in Kiev, shipping to other cities of Ukraine and international shipping.

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