EKKO BEAUTY Henna Set of 8 shades

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EKKO BEAUTY Henna Set of 8 shades


EKKO BEAUTY Eyebrow Henna: set of 8 shades

Ekko Beauty Professional henna for eyebrows is more than a dyeing agent. This is, first of all, taking care of the health of clients, comfort in work for the eyebrow master and always an excellent result in eyebrow care.

Raw materials for the production of henna are grown in ecologically clean regions of Morocco, where there are no large production facilities. Therefore, it does not accumulate harmful substances and is harmless even for sensitive skin. Henna cares for hairs and stimulates the growth of new ones. This makes the brows shine with natural beauty.

Also, Ekko Beauty henna gives unlimited possibilities for the beauty master’s creativity. One color gives many shades. They are obtained depending on the consistency of the mixture and exposure (exposure). The thicker the mixture, the more intense the color. At the same time, you do not need to wait for the henna to dry completely. It adheres well to the skin and gives the chosen tone, without “surprises”.

After dyeing with Ekko Beauty henna, the color on the hairs lasts up to 8 weeks, on the skin – up to 2 weeks.


A universal shade, natural brown, for girls of any type of appearance, dark blond and brunettes.

Dyeing result:

  • the liquid consistency of the dyeing mixture gives a light brown color;
  • the consistency of the sauce is rich brown;
  • the consistency of sour cream is a bright chocolate color.


A rich multi-faceted color that gives chocolate shades, from milky to dark. Ideal for dyeing the eyebrows of brown-haired women and dark-blond girls, owners of a warm tone of hair color.

Dyeing result:

  • milk consistency – latte, translucent color effect on the skin;
  • sauce – the color of milk chocolate with the effect of medium-density dyeing on the skin;
  • sour cream – dark chocolate, tattoo effect.

Light Brown

Delicate brown color for blondes with a warm shade of hair and light blond girls. A find for admirer of natural gentle beauty.

Light brown, like Graphite, only works when the powder is diluted to a thick sauce and sour cream consistency. With a thick sauce, it gives a translucent dyeing of the skin, sour cream – a slight dyeing of the skin in light brown.

In a liquid state, the dye mixture of these henna colors has a very weak effect on the skin and dyes only the hairs of the eyebrows.


Graphite, cold gray, for girls, northern type of appearance. With a shade of hair “light blond” and “cold blond”.

It should be borne in mind that in the liquid state, only the hairs are colored gray!

In the state of the sauce, the skin is dyed in a delicate light gray tone;

In the state of sour cream, there is a pronounced gray color of both the skin and the hairs.

Golden Brown

Henna for eyebrows in a golden brown shade is ideal for owners of dark or tanned skin, light, light brown and dark blonde hair. And also for girls who prefer naturalness and warm tones.

Milk consistency – wheat hair color and transparent skin coloring effect.

The consistency of the sauce is caramel and the average color density on the skin.

The consistency of sour cream is the color “milk chocolate” and the bright effect of tattooing on the skin.

Combined with other henna shades, it adds a warm note to the final color.

Dark Brown

A dark brown shade that emphasizes the bright beauty of dark-skinned, dark-haired girls with dark eyes. An ideal solution for brunettes, on whose eyebrows this color looks very natural.

Dyeing result depending on consistency:

  • condition of milk – cappuccino, slight skin dyeing effect;
  • the state of the sauce is gray-brown, the density of skin dyeing is average;
  • the state of sour cream is woody brown, deep dyeing of the skin with the effect of “tattooing”.

Works great with other henna colors and adds versatility and depth to the base tone.


Copper-red tone for red-haired, “fiery” girls.

Dyeing result:

  • milky consistency – amber color and translucent skin dyeing;
  • the consistency of the sauce is a shade of marmalade and the average density of skin dyeing;
  • the consistency of sour cream – the color of bronze and the effect of tattooing on the skin.

In contact with other shades of henna, it gives warmth and softness to the main color.


The coldest, deepest color in the Ekko beauty Moroccan henna line.

Recommended for girls of a cold type of appearance, both blondes and bright brunettes.

Dyeing result:

  • the liquid state of the dye mixture gives a light graphite color;
  • the state of the sauce – the color “anthracite” and the average density of dyeing on the skin;
  • the state of sour cream is black with a blue tint, a tattoo effect on the skin.

This henna color is indispensable for working with graphite shades, it is in excellent contact with other tones and gives them depth.


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