GLOSSY GOLD Eyebrow and Eyelash growth oil

Glossy Gold eyebrow and eyelash oil.

Precious SPA-complex in the form of oil for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes


Glossy Gold Eyebrow & Eyelash Growth Oil: Liquid Gold

Glossy GoldEyebrow & Eyelash Growth Oil is a golden spa complex that will give you pleasant sensations and visible results.

The mixture of natural oils, which is part of the preparation, will revive the most faded and depleted eyelashes, enhance the growth of thin eyebrows, and also prevent their loss. This is the cosmetic product that all girls who care about their beauty should have. In the regime of lack of vitamins, stress and frequent use of cosmetics, eyebrows and eyelashes need care and vitaminization.

With the systematic use of Glossy Gold oil, eyelashes and eyebrows look gorgeous without tint.

Glossy Gold eyelash and eyebrow oil does not contain chemicals. The active ingredient – natural oils – penetrate the skin, nourish and revitalize the cells of the body in a natural way.

Like all cosmetics of the Glossy Gold series, the oil is suitable for daily use at home, as well as in professional salons.

Use the oil at home after removing makeup. Dispense a drop of the product onto the brush with a dispenser and apply it over the eyelashes and eyebrows.

The advantages of using GG oil in salons are as follows:

  • Effectively and revitalizing removes dye and henna after coloring eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • Convenient and economical dispenser;
  • Dark glass extends the shelf life and preserves all the qualities of the product for a long time – 50 ml of oil is enough for a long time;
  • Stylish and effective design attracts clients’ attention and positions the craftsman like a professional.

Glossy Gold Eyebrow & Eyelash Growth Oil is the basis for the care and revitalization of eyelashes and eyebrows, their complex nutrition and filling with useful microelements. The perfect look is guaranteed! Plunge into the world of natural beauty and natural attractiveness. 50 ml.

  • each bottle is supplemented with instructions with information about the product
  • the composition is environmentally friendly and safe for the body
  • you can buy Glossy Gold eyelash andeyebrow growth oil in Ukraine through an order in the online store with delivery in Ukraine or with worldwide shipping.

Additional information

Weight 50 g


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