Eyebrow dyeing and concealer brush № 20

220грн. 198грн.


Eyebrow dyeing and concealer brush

Straight brush with bouncy synthetic bristles for coloring and shaping eyebrows. Pile made of durable nylon material. This model is wider than a brush for applying a dye. It is more convenient to clean up lines with such a brush during the process of selecting the shape and when dyeing. Acrylic handle.


  • eyebrow dyeing;
  • applying henna or dye;
  • eyebrow makeup;
  • drawing the shape of the eyebrows.



Quality workmanship nylon with optimal thickness and flexibility for each hair. It surpasses natural wool in durability and wear resistance, therefore it is traditionally used for the manufacture of brushes for dyeing and various aggressive cosmetics. The pile is glued with non-toxic glue using a special technology, which ensures a long service life of the tool, even with active use and frequent contact with cleaners.

A handle
High-quality acrylic is completely immune to mechanical friction and the effects of chemicals and cosmetics. It is not afraid of constant contact with dyes and henna. Does not fade.

The weight of the handle is balanced in relation to the weight of the pile and metal brace. The handle is decorated with exclusive NIKK MOLE engraving.

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