EKKO BEAUTY Brow Henna Black

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Brow henna in the shade Black by EKKOBEAUTY


EKKO BEAUTY Brow Henna Black

Henna eyebrow shade Black is the coldest and most intense in the line. Recommended for blondes of a pronounced cold type of appearance and burning brunettes. The color of henna Black is indispensable for working on trendy graphite shades when dyeing eyebrows. Blends beautifully with the rest of the tones to add interesting depth to the final color.

Suitable for procedures that should result in coloring without a warm tone on the eyebrows. Recommended for burning brunettes.

Blends beautifully with the rest of the tones to add interesting depth to the final color.

  • Milk – light graphite with a semi-transparent staining effect on the skin;
  • Sauce – anthracite with the effect of medium-density staining on the skin;
  • Sour cream is a blue-black color with a tattoo effect on the skin.

A real gift from Morocco for perfect eyebrows for a long time!

Moroccan dye henna has a unique composition that has many advantages:

  • lasting result;
  • an instant effect of well-groomed eyebrows, beautiful by nature;
  • nutrition and protection of each hair;
  • stimulating the growth of new hair along the dyeing contour (over time – a natural clear eyebrow line);
  • hypoallergenic and health safety;
  • harmless to the environment, including the atmosphere.

EKKO BEAUTY henna eyebrow dyeing – offer your customers only the best!

Eyebrow coloring with henna for eyebrows EKKO BEAUTY from NIKK MOLE is a guarantee of a beautifully contoured shape and natural shade. At the end of the procedure, you get a perfect result with a pronounced caring effect – more elastic and shiny eyebrow hairs in just one procedure.

Makeup artists say that eyebrows shape the face. This is true, because even in the absence of makeup, a face with well-defined, graphic eyebrows will look expressive and fresh. Rarely does a woman not want to take advantage of such a winning chance to always remain attractive. Moreover, salon coloring with henna guarantees the effect up to several weeks.

Why is it worth choosing EKKOBEAUTY eyebrow henna for these purposes?

The raw materials for the production of the dyeing mixture are collected in the very heart of Morocco, where the ecology has not yet suffered from the influence of man-made factors. Unlike the popular Indian raw materials that grow in industrialized regions, Moroccan natural henna has only benefits and beneficial effects on health.
A noble blend in the composition of each tone allows you to achieve excellent shades with any initial eyebrow color. With EkkoBeauty it has become easier for the master to select the right henna color for the client – thanks to the exclusive composition, the shade lays down evenly and clearly falls into the planned tone.

EKKOBEAUTY henna eyebrow dyeing – offer your customers only the best!

  • For convenience and correct use, the product is accompanied by instructions.


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